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01 October 2010 @ 08:59 pm
[action!] Mini Bodyguard  

[It's not too long after a certain short lived conversation, Lucy-Marie didn't hesitate to go hunting for Alfred yet again (an occurance that had happened far too much in the past week or two) and brought along a little toy with her that took her only a little while to dissect and reassemble filled with rocks from in front of her apartment. Yes, she created a stuffed animal weapon. No, it was not cute, so don't call it cute.

Luce hopped on her bike and only had a little difficulty with the stuffed animal flung over her back. It didn't take her long to get to the Myrtle house, still fuming and looking around for anyone that looked even somewhat suspicious. She kind of really hoped Dewi wasn't there, or Arthur, or... anyone but Alfred. But Alfred's what mattered now and she didn't even hesitated as she burst in the front door (thank god that wasn't locked), slammed it behind her and spotted Alfred almost immediately-


Something that smelled really good. But that didn't matter!

Running over to him (with fish still in tow), she clung to his waist and refused to listen to any complaints and questioned, burying her face and merely telling him that she wasn't going to let go anytime soon.]